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People often ask me “Farah, what is it like to be a Wedding Photographer?”.

Well, that’s a big question! I have a relatively short but insightful answer and it starts with me on a yoga mat. Yes, I did say yoga mat. My yoga teacher once talked about us all having a ‘third eye’, (the inner eye that sees beyond). This used to make me shift on my yoga mat in an uneasy manner, was it just me or didn’t everyone sitting next to me have two eyes as well? I, for sure, could not see anyone that looked drastically different to me. After a few sessions of painful posture-correction and deep, thought-provoking (in my head) conversations with myself, I’ve realised mine is most used when I look through my camera lens. She was talking about something so much deeper. I see light, emotions, details and everything looks stunningly ethereal.

Being a wedding photographer usually means long hours, running around, and laying in between objects and people, to get what that ‘third eye’ so badly wants to capture. One of my favourite moments is when I walk into the room, armed with my camera, whilst the Bride is getting her final touch-ups of make-up. It can be pretty overwhelming – you don’t really know where to look first. I see her individual selection of dress, shoes and decor – it all falls so decadently into her personal dream.

I travelled to the North of England, over the holidays, and met so many lovely people whilst being there to capture Reham & Ammar’s Wedding. I realised that wedding’s really bring out the best in people. If it’s not the bridesmaid running the last minute errands (an ensemble of a quaint dress & a pair of trainers worn discreetly underneath), the neighbour giving up their parking or the make-up artist staying an extra half an hour to do any last minute touch-ups – it’s that genuine feeling of love that only guests can bring, when they throw themselves over the bride & groom, at first glance of them – together.

I get to witness a lot of varying emotions as a wedding photographer, I’m not claiming for one second that nobody gets stressed! I just feel extremely blessed that people put in me that trust, the kind that we don’t often hand out so generously – the kind that we should give more. I get questions about decor, venues, lighting, themes and even what desserts to choose –  I feel to throw myself into my bridal couture magazines and scoop out decor ideas I store from Pinterest..

That’s when my ‘third eye’ focuses – I feel myself connected to the pair I’m about to capture.

“What’s it like to be a Wedding Photographer?”.

Well let me ask you, what does it feel like to be a child in a sweet shop?