Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Sara and Ahmed’s Nikah. As part of their Nikaah they performed the beautiful tradition of ‘Arsi Musaf’. {Arsi means the mirror and Musaf means the Holy Quran. It is the occasion when groom for the first time sees the face of the bride in a mirror held between them.}

This is the first time I had the chance to photograph this tradition, there’s always something so touching about seeing the couple under one cloth. I love the smile on Ahmed’s face here and the simplicity of this shot. <3

Above is a photo of her Imam Zamin being tied around her arm whilst she read the Qur’an.

During the period of Imam al-Ridha’s life marked the start of the practice of “Imam Zamin”. It become customary for people at this time to take the coin that had Imam al -Ridha’s name on it and wrap it around their arms when traveling. It was believed that when a person traveled with the Imam’s name, he would also be protected by the Imam’s blessings on his journey. When a person arrived safely to their destination they would take the coin and give it away as sadaqa, charity, in the name of the Imam al-Ridha. The practice of Imam Zamin has this name (zamin¬†means safety) because it relates to Imam al-Ridha who is deemed as a protector and guarantee of a safe journey.

The act of Imam Zamin is in essence a promise to Allah that a person will perform some type of religious act if certain need they have is met. In the case of Imam Zamin, Muslims make a promise to Allah that if they arrive to their destination safely with the blessing of the holy Imam, they would then give away the coin they carried on their journey and give as charity.

Every girl wants a pair of Jimmy’s, sparkling under the light.

A prayer being recited over Sara before the Nikah took place. The hues of purple, gold and red mixed with different patterns and textures makes for a beautiful palette of shades.

A beautiful photo of Sara and Ahmed looking over the Epsom Downs…

Hopefully the start of many great things :o)