Well…where do I start? I really enjoyed shooting this wedding, every second of it!

Two families came together from either sides of the Country to unite in happiness for their loved ones, not just any two people but two lovely, funny and genuine young people- Nadia&Nabeel. This was close-knitt, with smiley warm faces galore and personal touches of elegance through out. Below I have posted a sneak-preview of their special day, keep an eye out for more beautiful memories.

Pampering early in the morning, Nadia getting her hair done.

I’m sure Laura Ashley would be proud, I gasped with delight when I saw the delicate cotton-like flowers draped across the ceiling and wooden personalised frames. It’s the small personalised touches that always add a bundle of character to any setting, particularly weddings. It’s great to bring two personalities together in the run-up and reflect it through your photos.

The light created a beautiful offset, one of my favourite bokeh pictures from 2012.

Behind a white veil, Nadia is lifting it ever so slightly to sign her Nikah papers. I love that the gentle light illuminates her face, almost as if she is holding a light within the veil with a slight twinkling of her jewels.

The Groom was dressed with the same accents of red and complimented Nadia beautifully.

“We are a reflection of each others happiness”.

I ran to the other side of the car to capture this and I’m glad I did! She looks elegant and poised, ready to be driven away.

Look out for more photos coming soon…

Farah x