Cambridge sweethearts with a love for all things beautiful and quirky, Memoona and Inam were so much fun to shoot. From the moment Memoona sent me a picture of her musical notes skirt that she had bought to wear for the shoot , I knew it would be love at first shot. When we met for a coffee, I realised I wasn’t the only person who got geekishly excited about Jane Austen (major brownie points for anyone who loves period dramas, and hopelessly romantic novels).

We spent a day in Marylebone, London at a beautiful bookshop to reflect their combined love for books and the next day at their stunning University, walking through cobbled streets and sandstone quaint houses along the way. They were refreshing as a couple, and as two separate people.

In a world where social media rules, they once again placed love and literature in the same heart beat.

On a final note, the image where Memoona is holding confetti hearts in her hand are cut out pieces from a Jane Austen novel. All about the details!

Here are the highlights! Enjoy x