I recently met a girl who was a bride last year, and told me a horror story of how she had hired a photographer without any prior contact – it was a matter of going into an office and signing her memories away. When she received the photos she wept and hasn’t looked at them since!

I nearly wept myself.

I wanted to write some helpful tips for brides & grooms who will be looking to find ‘the one’ – the photographer who encapsulates their special day – every emotion, colour and thought into a visual artistry documented especially for them in the form of photography.

Over the last few years I have encountered a number of horror stories, so much so that I just had to blog about it.

The only reoccurring problem was that there had been no consultation before the wedding to see if there was a connection, to discuss the big day in more detail, to ask questions from the photographer or for the photographer to get to know the couple’s story in more detail.  All of these are crucial to how any good photographer will capture you, understanding one another is paramount to the couple feeling like they were understood and that their personal relationship shines through when they flick back through the album. Also, the photographer will get a better grasp on how to tailor their style for your needs.

In the grand scheme of things, when you’re planning a wedding this may seem like a 30 minute coffee (or cake if you’re me) you can miss with the big day approaching.


Despite many photographers and couples being separated by oceans, mountains and in the UK – traffic, we have modern technology. If I can’t get to a bride in person, there is a multitude of live chats and failing that, a phone call is better than nothing.

These are 5 things you & your photographer should discuss at your consultation 

(in my humble opinion);

1. A little about them.  Don’t be shy to ask – you want a photographer who loves what they do (I have met a few who don’t and it was very obvious to everyone – not a great look).

2. Details. The plan of your day, details of the venue and a general overview. Planning is important to ensure the day goes smoothly.

3. Your story. Give a little or a lot, it goes a long way in how a photographer will feel they can depict you and see what you’ll be comfortable with when for e.g. you’re doing the couple shots away from the main wedding.

4. Albums. Ask to see one in person, size is not so imperative, quality is.  Whilst images on a disc are lovely to look at, there is nothing like carefully lifting the pages in a beautiful album and glowing from within a few years down the line.  If you want to have a look at a whole range, ask them to email you pictures, different sizes and finishes so you can think about it.

5. The shot. If you haven’t already studied the photos on the website (which by the way is very naughty!), or wish to see them again point out the ones you particularly love! This massively helps both the photographer and you as a couple. The photographer will remember what specific shots you like, e.g. quirky shoe shots and details that on the day you may overlook.

At the end of the consultation you should feel excited, happy and as if you’ve just made a friend.

If this hasn’t happened- find the nearest exit.

I hope that helped those of you who have confided in me to spread the above advice, and those who hopefully will never have to confide in me about such matters, (I found just writing about it therapeutic)!

Thanks for popping by!